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On the 2nd of November 2019 at the Pirita Marina Sports Centre!

First time in Estonia, Marina Sport and Yawara Judo present 6 DAN in judo and black belt in BJJ,

world champion Koji “Komlock” Komuro.

 His seminar is exclusively focused on Ne-Waza and the unique Koji Komuro techniques. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Prices and time-schedule you can find HERE!


erika.terras@piritamarina.ee; andrei@yawara.ee +372 511 3700 Pirita Marina spordikeskus, Purje 9, Tallinn


Pirita Marina Sports Centre is known for its long traditions, both to the residents of Tallinn and visitors. You can enjoy a swimming pool in Tallinn with six 25-metre tracks, and different saunas.

Since spring 2019, Hotel has made some changed and facelift in sport centre and now it’s called Marina Sport. Gym was refreshed, new gymnastics hall and Ultimatum Gym – training hall for martial arts were added.

You can enter Sports Centre from the entrance in the closest to the city end of the Hotel. Hotel guests are welcome to enter the Sports Centre through the Hotel and for Hotel guests, use of gym, swimming-pool and saunas is free of charge.

Additional information:
Phone: +372 639 8836
E-mail: sport@piritamarina.ee





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